B2B e-commerce on the Blockchain

B2B E-Commerce 
on the  Blockchain for smart companies

Increase sales worldwide with an international B2B E-commerce Portal available in 35 languages and 120 countries. Certify orders by notarizing documents on the commerce.network blockchain

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Digitizing sales with a B2B e-commerce web portal means making your company more competitive by drastically innovating your business processes




Eliminate order entry costs

with a B2B e-commerce web portal that eliminates back-office operations and costs

Extend sales time

with a B2B e-commerce web portal that allows customers to place orders 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Increase reseller/customer sales

with a B2B e-commerce web portal that replicates your ERP’s pricing policies

What problems does it solve?

A ready-to-use B2B e-commerce web portal. Created to increase direct and indirect sales, integrated with your ERP.


Eliminate pricing errors
with a connector that replicates your ERP pricing policies


Increase Cash Flow
with a module that accepts credit card payments


Stimulate Sales
with a module that allows you to create automatic communications to customers


Decrease inventory
with a Special Offers module based on the stocks for each product

The first B2B E-commerce on the Blockchain

Our B2B e-commerce is not the usual B2C repurposed. It’s a third generation product NATIVE FOR B2B with a notarization system of all the order processes on the blockchain of Commercio.network.


Certified exchanges between parties with eID electronic identity



Supply Chain Tracking via Blockchain



Absolute privacy with all transactions encrypted


B2B E-commerce integrable with ALL ERPs



Advanced electronic signature of orders with legal validity



Order certification with full legal validity


Our Company works with more than 200 clients worldwide. We have been working for more than 25 years to deliver innovative digital applications.

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